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Seolad Schools
  • The speed of a vehicle at night is determined by the quality of the head lamp. We live in a competitive world where things are increasing daily. Yet as the saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first right step, that right step for today’s child is being given the best possible education and training as an anchor to a future of distinctions.

    Quality education to the best standards in education has been our watchword at SEOLAD INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS since her establishment in 2006. For more than 13 years, Seolad International Schools has become a household name that focused in the pursuit of its vision, to be globally recognized as a school that builds up a first class student in academics, morals and spiritual regeneration and turning such as responsible citizen anytime, anywhere…….

  • Our History

    Seolad International Schools, a co-educational Nursery, Primary is the veritable tools that birth Secondary School the achievers. The Primary school was established on 14th August, 2006 while the Secondary School was founded 17th September, 2007. The pupils/students are well equipped to achieve high academic goals with all necessary support from warm committed staff and loyal parents whose wonderful cooperation we have enjoyed over the years. The foundation stage comprises of pupils in Reception, Kindergarten, Nursery 1 &2, Lower Primary, Basic 1-3 and Upper Primary (Basic 4-6).
    The College consists of Junior Secondary School 1 – 3 and Senior Secondary School 1-3
  • Welcoming place that engages each child.

    To be globally recognized as a school that builds up first class students in academics, moral and spiritual regeneration and turns out such as responsible citizens anytime anywhere.

    To ensure the highest standard In teaching and learning process and to raise students who wl apply such to the glory of God and the benefit of mankind.


    • D – Discipline.


    • I – Individuality.

      I – Individuality.

    • R – Responsibility.

      R – Responsibility.

    • E – Empathy.


    • C – Commitment.


    • T – Tenacity.


    • I – Industrious.


    • O – Objectivity


    • N- Nobility.


  • The Services Render

    • Bus

      We have our buses plying different routes in and out of Mowe. Interested parents have the choice of paying for either the morning (pick up) or the afternoon (return) services or both.

    • Food

      We have a standard kitchen that is hygienic where food is prepare in a very neat and conducive environment. Interested parents wishing their child/ward to enjoy the kitchen service would pay for it.

    • Boarding house

      Our boarding house is home away from home in which the environment and the conduciveness make the actualization of academics success and decent social life attainable and enviable.

    • Bookshop

      Our bookshop is top notch as we do not sell pirated text books and all our stationery are at affordable price. We make sure you have values for your money.

    • Claire Willmore
    • Linda Moore
    • Rebeca Wilson
    • Anna Smith
    • Betty Spencer
    • Ruth Richie
    • Katie Willmore
      Assistant Teacher
    • Angelica Watson
      Lead Teacher
    • Angela Lynn
    • 1
      Our Curriculum
      We run a broad and balanced curriculum of Nigeria Turkish and British to enable our pupils/students reach their potential. We [...]
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